keep decency and being creative

Use decent and scientific theory to run the company, make it stronger and keep its outcomes upgraded. Only developing will keep business running and everything. Business is a war without bullet, dare to do things barely have people have done, being creative and open new channels or bring new commodity so that the enterprise will keep moving and keep developing.

1Complete the channels

keep up with the time,build and perfect the sales system、sales construction 、sales channels、sales team with the ability to cover the whole sales market、collect information and

2Sweet service

1)Every salesman has to be the expert of brand agent for company.
2) Good manners
3) Nice experience after sales.

3Good commodity

1)Global famous brand and classify only technically
2)Top three of domestic brand and variety only
3)Truly is very practical and in market gap.

4Live on

1)When the whole sale market is well developed, it has to make a profit to satisfy the company development.
2)Crisis sense, company has to keep fighting and developing with the time.

1Faith comes first

2Make profit based on moral

Follow the rules of business to gain the profits, adhere to a win-win business ideas.

1Most famous brand of small home appliance and household varieties agency in China

2Dare to import the famous small home appliance and household varieties in the secondary market the most.

3A company with the most divisions for imported famous home appliance and household varieties.

4The first company who open a store in fancy shopping malls with famous imported appliance and household variety.

We will focus on the below four varieties of commodity imported and operated, be the top and expert at the market

1International upmarket and exquisite kitchen appliance.

2International upmarket household appliance and tools

3Personal care products

4Personal living accessaries.